Special areas of focus include but are not limited to personal growth, taming anxiety, freedom from codependency, and healing complex trauma. 

Personal Growth

Exploring barriers and solutions to an increased sense of self-worth, confidence, authenticity, trust, communication, and inner-peace. 

Coping with and taming Anxiety

including social anxiety, "shame attacks", panic, perfectionism, body-image anxiety, phobias, obsessions, compulsions, and physical sensations related to anxiety. 

Healing from Complex Trauma (CPTSD)

including various forms of loss and heartbreak, chronic misattunement, unmet physical and psychological needs resulting in a disconnection to our body, emotions, and sense of aliveness. 

Freedom from Codependency

including anyone who has become stuck in patterns of overly focusing on the needs and experiences of others before themselves. This may include those in relationship with or raised by addicts and/or emotionally abusive persons.