Personal Growth

Looking for ways to improve your connection to yourself, to your loved ones, or to life itself? Do you struggle to authentically connect to others or to form relationships that allow you to get your needs met? Perhaps you wish to break a habit that isn't serving you or to develop skills and awareness in alignment with your potential. Whether you wish to improve something relational such as communication, trust, boundaries or to explore your inner-world in order to gain increased self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth, I am here to facilitate a safe and compassionate experience for you to do just that.

Overcoming self-imposed obstacles to living our preferred lives is frequently so rewarding that clients tend to come back to each new session with excitement for new internal terrain to explore and discover. Having a trained therapist to assist in reflecting patterns, notice "blind spots" of disconnection, and support you on your journey in this exploration is so helpful because we tend to become lost in our own maze at times. It is my honor and passion to assist you in reconnecting to your most authentic and vital self!