Get to know me.

I have always possessed a natural curiosity for the human psyche and the inner-workings of relationships. I believe that as humans, each of us are wired for fulfilling relationships, yet difficult life circumstances can create a rupture in this connection with others as well as ourselves. I view my role as a therapist as a fellow human engaging with you in a healing relationship where we can work towards your goals and areas of concern. My hope is that our work together assists you on your own journey towards a deep and fulfilling sense of connection, purpose, and meaning as we collaboratively explore barriers to your desired experiences.

As a genuine and self-proclaimed nerd, I tend to research and occasionally share some of the science behind attachment, relationships, as well as common concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. I have found this to be helpful for myself and for clients wishing to better understand some of what is going on “behind the scenes” in order to better notice opportunities to make a preferred choice rather than to live life at the mercy of reactions or patterns that aren't serving us. Though I find this information useful, I tend to work experientially and to perceive well-being holistically. Meaning, I support and facilitate the natural wisdom of your mind, body, emotions, and highest self as a whole to unlock what feels stuck. Together, we will work to notice what arises in the moment and to allow deeper awareness to emerge through attuning to emotions and sensations with mindfulness. I believe that honing this practice of "tuning in" not only alleviates what is causing our pain, but also brings to life our dormant potentials. We access our unique and authentic selves, gain clarity on former illusions/misbeliefs, restore what is broken in ourselves and with those we love, and develop our capacity to increasingly live and connect with an open heart.

It is my honor to do this work. 

Whitney Sutherland M.A., LPC

is a wife, mother, and licensed professional counselor in the state of Texas. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and minor in counseling from the University of North Texas in 2005 and a Masters of Art in Professional Counseling with an emphasis in marriage, couples, and families as well as in community counseling from Texas State University in 2015. She holds a certification in Trauma Therapy, is a NARM Therapist and has attended several conferences and trainings specific to individual and couples counseling, body-centered experiential/mindfulness modalities, and trauma/grief. Personal interests include hiking, traveling, poetry, yoga, and spending time with her family and friends. 

"Sometimes when things fall apart, well that's the big opportunity for change."

- Pema Chödrön

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

- Rumi

"be softer with you. you are a breathing thing. a memory to someone. a home to a life"

- Nayirah Waheed